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Google Applications
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Top 10 Reasons for opting Google Apps (Education)

(1) Google Services - Gmail, Calendar, Sites, Groups, Docs, Google+ and several other applications from Google App Marketplace according to the requirements.
 (2) 99.9% Up-time
(3)24 by 7 Technical Support
(4) Flexible plans according to the size and need of the organization
(5) Google App Engine (develop your own apps)
(6) 25GB Storage per user
(7) "Fast & Simple is better" (Google, as everyone knows is very fast in comparison and all service are easy to use with great effectiveness)
(8) Other Google Products like Adsense, Adwords, Trends, Latitude, Maps, Picasso, Translator, Scholar, Toolbar, Orkut, GTalk, Google Voice, Blogger, Search, Alerts etc. List moves on as the clock ticks. Google is always busy in getting new ways to improve the way we work today.
(9) Best Solution for Messaging and Cloud Collaboration in terms of value for money, effectiveness and latest technology updates at no cost.
(10) Powerful Google's Security (Data Center) and Postini Security (Google Message Discovery, Google Message Security, Google Archiving, Continuity etc)

Let's Ride the Cloud with Google today. Give it a Go !!

Happy "Google-Clouds" !! :)